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  1. look at my gambit FireWorks Posting the game helps
  2. Display chess opening in the m… Leapphrog @GuerrillaChess Right, you want it on live games. That is a big red f…
  3. look at my gambit hanishburger1st this is a crazy gambit where i give up the queen.
  4. How accurate are the tactics r… Kaliayev I don't have an account on other websites, and it's been months, if no…
  5. How accurate are the tactics r… achja @Kaliayev #1 Months ago it was quite possible for me to go over 2200 …
  6. Stockfish and tablebases Toadofsky #1 Currently it does not use syzygybases. I've only done testing with…
  7. gambits StevenEmily You must think about the future moves. What would be your moves if you…
  8. gambits hanishburger1st how do you make up gambits? whenever i try to i lose.
  9. Stockfish and tablebases achja Is it an idea to make Stockfish use tablebases (assuming that it curre…
  10. Keep the setting. Ouims Suppose you are playing bullet 1|0. At the end of the game, if you c…
  11. R+P vs R endgame practice MajorBlunder Thank you amazingoid.
  12. R+P vs R endgame practice NM amazingoid If you guys want some practice with R+P vs R, I created a study to hig…
  13. Why do I suck at blitz? NM amazingoid Your main problem is that you move too slowly, especially in positions…
  14. Why do I suck at blitz? bog601 Okay, so my classical rating is decent ... I don't really play bullet,…
  15. How accurate are the tactics r… Kaliayev I'm wondering this because it seems that my tactics rating is very hig…
  16. Streamers ? MajorBlunder Most of the streamers sell their soul to the other website after getti…
  17. bobby fisher in da house MajorBlunder Thanks for the effort.
  18. A king walk nobody22 A crazy game. He was winning in…
  19. I got banned from another site… soukabelettes Of course you can ;)
  20. I got banned from another site… lifsitch I just made an account for my father, can we play each other?
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