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mowpet 2091
hyperprior 2064
Huevon 1858
Choco3000 1781
DeathInTheToilet 1755
supertopalov 1704
TheKidJB 1630
And 11 more



BenLZ 1872
majstorsreja 1808
hazes 1783
tricycle 1778
hamid73 1744
nesa 1711
abadan 1691
And 12 more


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auto-pairing pools
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  2. Rating system mandeep I played a player whose opponents were all 1200 or higher, yet his rat […]
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  5. watching tv on phone mihailp hi, Cant flip board while watching tv on phone. Thanks.
  6. One mistake l_alexsp Hey Tuskerking, as I said, my opponent was the main reason I won the game.
  7. Lichess Ranks Hasimir A title for someone who survived against a GM? How about we call that […]
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  11. Players who abandon games repe […] mikeisapro f: Having a seizure near the end of the game. g: Committing suicide d […]
  12. Players who abandon games repe […] moi373737 I would continue with the ideas of Hasimir
  13. Chess- CAPTCHA: Puzzles are mi […] mikeisapro Yeah now I know you're kidding. Mr. 2014... -.-
  14. Chess- CAPTCHA: Puzzles are mi […] mikeisapro You're kidding, right? I mean, one time out of 40 posts I had to tr […]
  15. Site is slooooow and keeps dis […] Hellball For that, #5, you can go to munin DOT lichess DOT org.
  16. Chess- CAPTCHA: Puzzles are mi […] Warlord So the Chess- CAPTCHA- system might lead to a situation in which only […]
  17. Why no weak players in the pool? Hasimir Because we're all pansies? No, seriously, I'm not there because the l […]
  18. Site is slooooow and keeps dis […] karimov The ability to see the monitor on a time period of 1 , 6 , 12, 24 hour […]
  19. Players who abandon games repe […] mikeisapro Like button and reply function will be added. They have to eventually!
  20. Players who abandon games repe […] dreamwalker3 tHERE SHOULD BE LIKE BUTTON ON COMMENTS, I WANNA LIKE ONE TWO :))
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