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wOOkasH 2053
BloodyBob 1910
escarabajo12 1902
elvijs 1866
SenatorDakotaFanning 1818
infni 1773
Chrisostomou 1764
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 Hourly Bullet 30m  2
 Palmer  2+1 KotH Rated 30m  1/9
 Guthrie  0+2 20m  2/4
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  1. FR: Correspondence chess ScarletPimpernel Erm... what does that even mean? :D
  2. Change in evaluation of blunde […] erindreki I like the feature of running computer analysis after my game, but I p […]
  3. FR: Correspondence chess mihailp hi, %subj% for web gui and smartphones. Push notifications. Thanks.
  4. Print game!?! Clarkey As the feature won't be rolled out for another fortnight or more, you […]
  5. Radio a chess game coolpant A interesting idea! I rather like it. It'd surely help with learning the squares
  6. Print game!?! MrDimitar Looking very nice!
  7. Print game!?! Clarkey Still waiting on some stuff to be deployed in the API, but there's adv […]
  8. Radio a chess game Toscani Radio feature: Rather than hearing the chess sounds on the Lichess TV, […]
  9. Football-Ligue 1-Tipster League moi373737 -Olympique Lyonnais vs AS Monaco : 1-1 -Stade Rennais vs Paris Saint- […]
  10. Football-Ligue 1-Tipster League moi373737 Fourth round finished !!!!! Leaderboard : 1-Rzenaikrzys : 30pts […]
  11. Sound changed? steger Does anybody know why the sound is much louder on firefox than on chrome?
  12. Replay the game with exact move times companal2 I think this is a good idea too, maybe you can even chose speeds like […]
  13. Replay the game with exact move times ScarletPimpernel What a great idea, Mystical - it'd be like watching a proper replay of […]
  14. Training Puzzle List companal2 is it possible to view the entire training list? I want to go over old […]
  15. The alphabet of chess jkr Sir, you have my sincere admiration for your work.
  16. What does the green RSS icon mean? mynoblefrenchman thanks for quick answering. I see. Maybe because i'm very slow, this […]
  17. Replay the game with exact move times Clarkey For the record, the exact move times aren't recorded. They are VERY ro […]
  18. The alphabet of chess gsingh86 Nice work mate, love the captcha
  19. Replay the game with exact move times Scala This is a great idea!!! Hope it could be introduce!!!
  20. Replay the game with exact move times claymore I totally agree that this would be good, I always wanted something sim […]
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